Uda Walwe National Park

Access to Udawalawe National Park is just 1hour from our Headquaters at Malwala Ratnapura

Uda Walwe National Park, Sri Lanka is the best place in Asia to see herds of Asian Elephants, the pachyderms in the wild. Uda Walawe National Park, that retains their leaves even during the dry season, is one of Sri Lanka's Dry-Zone Dry Evergreen Forests that harbours one of Asia'a largest & most viable Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) populations. The 30,821ha park was set up in the year 1972 to protect the catchment area of the man-made Rainwater Reservoir located at the south end of the River Walwe. At the same time the reserve was designated to provide sanctuary to wild elephants.

Uda Walwe National Park Uda Walwe National Park Uda Walwe National Park

Yala National Park

Access to Yala National Park is just 2hour from our Headquater at Malwala Ratnapura

Yala National Park is located in the south eastern region of Sri Lanka and extends over two provinces of Hambantota district of southern province and Monaragala district in Uva province, Yala National Park affords the greatest opportunities to sight the Sri Lanka’s broad variety of wildlife: colorful painted stork in troops are seen perched at the shores of lagoon where the crocodiles too have chosen to doze off; lovely fantailed peacocks in their resplendent blues and greens parade about amidst the woods where monkeys hang, leap and chatter; in the bush jungle are the Elephants; crossing the tracks and wandering off into the thorny scrub jungle is the main attraction of the jungle is the leopard who can be easy viewed during January to July seasons.

Yala National Park Yala National Park Yala National Park

Adam's Peak

Sri Lanka’s fourth highest mountain is located 40 km northeast of the city of Ratnapura. Is just 1.5 hour from our Headquaters at Malwala, Ratnapura.

Adam’s Peak is surrounded, largely by the forested hills, with no mountain of comparable size anywhere round in the vicinity. The region of Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that encompass the Adam’s Peak together with Horton Plains National Park and Knuckles Range, all in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is recognized as a World Heritage Site in the year 2011.

Adam's Peak Adam's Peak Adam's Peak

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