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Welcome to ARAVA Gems

ARAVA Sapphire was initially started as a small scale business and since then it has grown to own this business as wholesale and retailers in Sri Lanka. Since the beginning we have ensured the high quality and unique design in our stones. We provide for your jewelry collection and treat each customer as a unique individual. Our skilled and talented team is dedicated to bringing you the finest top-quality selected stones for your jewelry designing.

This is a family business. We have been in the business of mining and selling gems from our own estates in Ratnapura (known as the gem land of Sri Lanka). We are sapharologists (specialists in sapphires) and classers of sapphires of repute. We are also cutters of Gems and hold quite a few qualifications in various fields of gemology. Our motto is to mine (or buy direct from miners), we guarantee the goods we sell to be as described and we will always strive for honesty and integrity.

The Malkandola estate located at Malwala Ratnapura, it only about 4 km from the city surrounded with beautiful mountains directing to Adams Peak.

What we offer

We at ARAVA believe in specialarity, Our team compromises of specialized gemologists who are delectated workers and are personally involved in satisfying our customers organizing custom tailored and guided field buying trips.

It not just buying stones its enjoying what you buy, its about fulfilling your satisfaction its admiring the product that mother nature gifted to all of us, therefore we are also interested in helping you to learn about gemstones as well.

We are organizers of custom tailored and guided field buying trips for individuals or very small groups to those willing to take advantage of a rare opportunity to examine and purchase gems directly from their source. In Ratnapura you will be afforded the opportunity to interact directly with the Sri Lankan gem miners and local gem dealers under the guidance of ARAVA.

Latest Gems

Octagon cut Blue Saphire Octagon cut Blue Saphire (Blue Ceylon)

Octagon cut Red Ruby Octagon cut Red Ruby

Oval cut Fine Yellow Saphire Oval cut Fine Yellow Saphire

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