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ARAVA Cocopeat

It has been used in many applications such as farms, greenhouse-horiculture, hydro seed spraying, landscaping seed germination and as a substitute for potting soil & bark compost. It is also used in golf course setting for soil conditioner and in mushroom industry as a growing medium. The product is lightly compressed (1:2) and it can be used in any situation without the use of special equipment to break loose the cocopeat. Especially, in the hydro seed spray all you need to do is to mix cocopeat together with the bark compost into the mixer and spray on the ground

EC below 0.3 mS/cm, pH 5.6 - 6.6 screen sifted with 1/4" mesh, free of sand or soil and any foreign matter and no contamination with animal matter/ or plant material. Packing / Sealing by Canadian 4-station bagger machine 40' container 600 bags.

A 100% natural organic growing medium, it is the best natural substitute for peatmoss. It is offered in economical bulk pack of 4 cubic ft

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