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Arava Grow Bags

Arava grow bag consists of pressed coir peat or pressed coir husk chips or mixture of peat and chips, available in unwashed, washed, super washed or buffered*. UV protected bags can be custom manufactured to suit grower’s size requirements.

Manufactured from fine coco fibres, ready to grow packaging with drainage slits*, plant holes*, plank holes* and dripper holes* pre-cut and drilled.

Specialized ARAVA growing media as following benefits

  • Plants root faster in Arava Coir Grow bags
  • Get excellent fruits setting in less time
  • Excellent capillary action
  • Excellent aeration
  • Easily wetted, no dry spots
  • Higher success rate of recovery compared to rock wool
  • A very forgiving medium
  • Competitively priced
  • Recent studies suggest Coconut Coir inhibits Pithium and Phytothora growth
  • Easy disposal

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