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ARAVA Cinnamon Packages
Cinnamon Powder
ARAVA Cinnamon Shaker
Cinnamon Shaker
ARAVA Cinnamon Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Cinnamon Bars
ALBA Cinnamon Bars
The best grade slender shape rolls, is the most expensive grade of cinnamon with an exquisite taste of aroma. This is currently produced in Sri Lanka.
5C-Special Cinnamon Bars
C5 Special Cinnamon Bars
This lighter brown rolls of cinnamon has a very high demand due to its excellent shape, color and taste.
4C Cinnamon Bars
C4 Grade Cinnamon Bars
These beautiful rolls of cinnamon are fine, yellow in color and fetch a good price in the international market.
Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Used as a food preparation ingredient and a medicine. Can be supplied in any required quantity.
Cinnamon Leaves
Cinnamon Leaves
Used for food and as a medicinal herb

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