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Arava Fibre

ARAVA coir Fibre is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the coconut tree. They are light brown in color. Most of the products are used as raw material for Geotextile, erosion control, packaging, and mattresses. We are one of the leading coconut coir Fibre manufacturers and suppliers in Sri Lanka. We produce high-quality coconut Fibre especially for exports to USA, UK, and China.

Loose Fibre In Bales

We manufacture high quality Coir Fibre for the global market. We are keen on quality of Fibre , minimizing impurities and maintain low moisture levels. Mattress fibre & Mix fibre could be compressed in to bales, each bale would weigh approximately 120 kg to 125 kg

Twisted Fibre Ropes

Both mattress Fibre & mix Fibre can be twisted into coils. 20 KG coils are the most commonly used the size of a coil which predominantly used to manufacture mattresses, upholstery, filtration, etc.

Loose Fibre in Different Cuts

We Manufacture customized fibre solutions as per customer requirements in particular as a single grade of fibre or as a blend of various fibre grades. Cut into different sizes with or without waxing. Specially used in high-quality Broom and Brush Industries.

Twisted Fibre Twin

Coir twine is made out of coir bristle Fibre which has a breaking strength up to 100lbs depending on it’s and Ply combination mainly 2 ply and 3 plies. Varying thickness range from 3.5mm up to 12mm can supply depending on the application requirement. Vastly use in various applications such as Stringing of hops & other wines, Matting & carpet industry, Oyster and sea squirt industry as well as in Domestic & Horticulture industry

Twisted Fibre

General Testing Parameter Value
Moisture Content 18%
Husk Pieces Nil
Dust 2% MAX
Impurities 3% MAX
Rope Thickness 20 – 26 mm
Curls Per Meter 60-68
Weight Per Meter 250-300 g
Teasing Single Clean
Tag Colour 1/2 Black
Coil Weight 25-30 kg
Coil Diameter 50-55 cm
Coil Height 28-30 cm

General Testing Parameters

Bristle Fibre